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The MIE Podcasts – Mike Alexander

In the second MIE podcast I chatted to Mike Alexander of Data Pig Technologies. In a fascinating conversation we talked Xcelsius, Microsoft  Access and its place in the scheme of things, and the prickly issues of Web Office and Open Source Office apps. Not to be missed!

Microsoft Master Mike Alexander!

Microsoft Master, Mike Alexander!

Please leave some comments with any feedback about this podcast, and also any ideas for future podcasts.

Thanks and enjoy


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  1. Ross,

    The sounds has been approved a lot. In general I like the discussion but:

    - “Sexy” is an expression that does not fit in in any seriously business-related discussion.
    - Are Mike a sales manager of XCelius? It exist a large number of datavisualation’s tool.

    Looking forward to take part of the next interview.

    Keep up the good work Ross!

    • Hi Dennis,

      Glad your liking the podcasts!

      I think “sexy” is used in the US and the UK to describire the a quality of sothing when its desgined to be more visually appealing that it needs to be – its used quite widly these days, I guess it might not be so considerd else where.

      Yep there sure are a lot of visualation tools, I should try and get someone from Tableau on one, it was good of Mike to share his insight on Xcelius.

  2. Thanks Ross for taking the time to explain.

    In general I feel that we are responsible to limited it as much as possible. In other words, the client is not right ;)

    Looking forward to take part of what Tableau can do.

    Kind regards,