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The Good and Bad of Bullet Graphs – again!

Mike Alexander said something interesting the other day and I thought I should let everyone know! Mike was taking about bullet graphs, not only how to make them in Excel, but actually about the really important thing, which is weather or not they’re any good! I’ve never used them in anger myself, but I have always liked the idea, and thought that they looked kinda nice – much neater and more logical then the dreaded Speedo gauge!

Mike suggested that because they showed so much data, senior managers find them hard to understand and you need to spend time explaining the chart – which is never ideal!
This surprised me as they are really quite simple little charts, but then I remembered how stupid, different intelligent, most senior managers are and I thought how plausible it actually would be. Anyway, I had a little think and here my suggestions to make them easier to read – I have no way of knowing if it will work, but it’s just a thought!

Bullet Charts

What do you think, would that make any difference?
As a bonus here’s a list of links to bullet chart stuff, to make these charts I used Mike’s Video, and it was super easy, good work Mike!

Steven Few original spec for this type of chat.

A nice post with some examples of more complext versions over at clearly and simply

The godfather of Excel reporting Charley Kyd has his method

Chandoo shows a cell based method!

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