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Independent OS’s, hold on to your hats!!!

I’ve been reading micro mart for years, its focus is hardware and OS stuff, but it also has other interesting bits and bobs, it’s a good bathroom read all round!
There were a couple of things in this week’s issue that stood out and I’d thought I’d share them here.
The first is independent OS’s. I’ve only just started to use Linux in anger, so the fact that there are even more OS’s out there throw me a bit. To be clear, what we are talking about here are OS that are not derived from OSX, Windows, Linux or Unix, they are built from the ground up. Having said that, it’s not quite true! For example, Syllable is based around Amgia OS, and Haiku is based on BeOS. But they are only based on these; the kernels are either rewritten from scratch, or extensions of the base functionality. As you might expect these are not all signing all dancing OS’s yet, but its surprising how stable some of them are for Alpha releases.


The one that stands out most is ReactOS. It’s basically a copy of Windows XP. Is is based around the wine API code, and aims to run all software that currently runs on windows XP thus solving one of the main problems with none windows base OS’s no game and limit software!
Don’t expect too much from React, it has a handful of developers and is an open source project at alpha level. I installed it on Virtual box OSE running in Ubuntu 8, from a mounted ISO on a HDD. I’m not fibbing here, it installed in about 30 seconds ok it only had to format a 6gb virtual HDD, but still that’s bloody quick!!! What’s it like to use? Well it’s a bit unstable and is not pretty, but its somehow still impressive. If you have a VM, why not take a look, and watch this space!

I have rambled on a bit here so I will start a new post for the next thing!

P.S. please no comments saying why not just uses Linux and run Wine if you need to ask that you need to think harder!

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